Not only are there benefits to babywearing but benefits of coming to Dance Baby Sling classes are; being in a routine and meeting other likeminded parents in a fun and sociable environment. Dancing helps to releases serotonin which is your ‘happy hormone’ and dancing along to a variety of music will help you feel invigorated. I started baby wearing for a number of reasons. I didn’t want to put my baby girl down for a second when she was born but she also suffered from silent reflux, so naturally being upright was much more comfortable for her. I loved the bonding experience, especially after my emergency c-section, and her ability to feel comforted and fall asleep so effortlessly.
Baby Wearing Advice • Baby needs to be 6 weeks old before attending Dance Baby Sling classes. Mums also needs to have had the 6 week post-natal check up before taking part. • In the case of a c-section babies should be 10 weeks old. It is recommended that babies are worn facing the parent/guardian during the classes. (In any instance forward facing is only recommended for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time). • Babies can be carried on backs too if babies are older or heavier and it is more comfortable for you. • Slings are available from instructors to use at sessions if you do not have one or are not sure. • We always ensure that when baby wearing, we follow the T.I.C.K.S. guidelines. • Please stop at any point to feed or tend to your babies needs or have a break for water if required. • You must be comfortable in your clothing and we recommend easily peel able layers for both you and baby to keep you both cool. Babywearing or carrying your baby at any stage is important for bonding and attachment, the closeness, skin to skin and contact promotes the release of oxytocin. It helps in promoting breastfeeding and reducing depression.




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