Bonding doesn’t stop at baby wearing. Dance Toddler Swing are movement classes for toddlers who want to be active in dancing, and can wear their favourite toy in one of our toddler carriers as they dance along to the music. These classes are suitable for when babies graduate, or wish to be more active or when baby siblings come along (who are more than welcome to dance with you in your sling). Dance Toddler Swing Parties Dance Toddler Swing can provide bespoke parties for any occasion. With our collection of bouncy castles and soft play too, we can provide packages to suit your needs. DTS Party entertainment DTS Party entertainment and soft play DTS Party entertainment, soft play and bouncy castle The entertainment can include favourite DTS songs and of course, toddlers can wear their favourite dolly or soft toy in their toddler slings provided by the entertainer. Contact us for further details on Dance Baby Sling or Dance Toddler Swing including Parties




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