Q. How old does baby need to be? A. Baby needs to be 6 weeks old before attending Dance Baby Sling classes. Mums also needs to have had the 6 week post-natal check up before taking part. In the case of a c-section babies should be 10 weeks old. Q. I don’t have a carrier/sling? A. Slings can be provided in class by your instructor and you are welcome to try them during the sessions. It’s such a personal choice with slings so you can try on a few different styles to find the one right for you. All of our instructors have their Peer Support in Baby Wearing and can provide the right advice in finding the right one for you. Q. What should I wear? A. Wear comfortable clothing and layers are advisable so you can peel off if you get warm. Flat comfortable shoes or socks with grippers. Q. What should I dress my baby in? A. Babies should also have layers that you can easily peel off during class without taking baby out of the sling (often babies fall asleep during class so some mums don’t like to disturb them while sleeping). Dance Baby Sling sell a small range of funky leg warmers for babies, please ask for more details. Q. Is my baby too old for the classes? A. With slight variation to brands most carriers and slings will take a child up to 20kg (around 3-4ys of age). At the upper end of the age range you may find that most will want longer periods of exploring as well as being held in the carrier. For those that want carrying, this means more of a work out for you! Q. What if my baby doesn’t like being in a sling? A. Mostly parents find that babies, even if not been worn before, love being worn and the gentle rhythmic dance with closeness tends to send babies gently off to sleep. Q. I’m not physically fit, does that matter? A. Classes are designed so that all participants can take part and have fun! Classes are gentle rhythmic dance classes and whilst there are opportunities to push your fitness levels during the session, you will be able to take things at your own pace throughout.


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